Music 007 Quiz 5 (Penn State University)

Music 007 Quiz 5 (Penn State University)

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Music 007 Quiz 5 (Penn State University)

1. Thefirstgreattenorsaxophonist;hedevelopedawarm,fullsoundthatwasemulatedbymanywhocameafterhim: 

2. Theuseofthegrowlstyle,lendingthebrassamorevocalquality,wasadistinctivefeaturecontributingtowhat? 

The greatest composer of the swing era; pianist, composer, arranger, and band leader; he had an extraordinary knack for utilizing the 

distinctive sounds of his sidemen in his charts: 

One of the great jazz pianists coming out of the stride tradition, he possessed extraordinary facility, combining dazzling technique with a marvelous feel for the blues; he is noted for his chord substitutions, and is reputed to have never lost a cutting contest:


Tenor saxophonist, he joined Ellington's band in 1940; his "airy" ballad style solos were so tuneful that they often sounded as though they could have been the original song: 

A star trumpeter who developed a "growl style" of playing that lent the trumpet a more vocal quality; featured soloist on East St. Louis Toodle­ Oo: 

A pioneer in the emerging swing style of jazz; his charts featured a call­and­response that would pit the reeds against the brass, which became a model for most of the swing bands that followed; "Wrappin' It Up" was one of his band's notable pieces: 

Listen to the following recording, paying special attention to the first chorus, from 0:12 ­ 1:13. What form best describes the chorus? 

Listen to the following recording, paying special attention to 1:46 ­ 2:19. Who is the soloist in this passage?



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