Music 007 Quiz 3 (Penn State University)

Music 007 Quiz 3 (Penn State University)

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Music 007 Quiz 3 (Penn State University)


Early, or Rural Blues, can be readily distinguished from Classic, or Urban Blues in several ways. Which statement below is NOT accurate? 

In America, the African call­and­response tradition can be traced from early African­American music through the blues and into jazz. What distinctive characteristic do we hear in call­and­response in jazz music? 

Which one of the following is NOT a defining characteristic of jazz? 

A style of bass line in which each beat of each measure receives a separate tone, thus creating a moving sequence of quarter notes: 


What term describes the genre and style of the following piece? 

9. Followingtheintroduction,whatistheformofthefollowingpiece? 

10. Whatistheformofthefollowingpiece? 

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