MUSIC 004 MUSIC004 Lesson 3 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)

MUSIC 004 MUSIC004 Lesson 3 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)


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MUSIC 004 MUSIC004 Lesson 3 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)The world of the film: 

One of the lighting techniques developed by classic Hollywood cinema, it creates a balanced, natural lighting that highlights the central character or object in a scene: 

3. A match on action, while it affirms spatial continuity, is remarkably effective in reinforcing: 

The use of this framing and editing technique dictates that a line drawn between two points—-usually between two characters—-will mark the boundary of any camera shot of the scene: 

5. The contrast between light and dark is intensified so as to create an effect known as chiaroscuro: 

A sequence that allows us close-up views of the principal characters, while reinforcing spatial and temporal continuity: 

Movement and performance within a scene are the essential elements; what happens when the director says, "Action!": 

8. In film, this aspect of the shot customarily includes setting, costumes and makeup, lighting, and staging: 

A character looks in the direction of the next shot we see, and then in the next shot it is as though we, the viewer, have turned in the direction of the gaze: 

Framing of the shot and the duration of the shot are two notable aspects of this art: 

The framing of a shot in which we see from the perspective of one of the characters: 

A type of framing of the shot that provides a relatively objective perspective: 

A set of conventions in the editing of film developed in the early years of silent film that were adopted and refined by classic Hollywood filmmakers 

The 180-degree system powerfully reinforces: 

The basic "building block" of cinema: 

Those portions of the story actually presented in the film: 

Which of the following elements of a film's story represent the most significant cause-effect relationships? 

In classic Hollywood narrative (and in most films), what normally brings a sense of closure to the story? 

This clip comprises three shots. Which POV best describes the shots in this clip? 

This clip comprises four shots. Which technique of continuity editing most prominently contributes to the viewer's perception of temporal continuity? 

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