MUSIC 004 MUSIC004 Lesson 2 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)

MUSIC 004 MUSIC004 Lesson 2 Quiz with Answers (Penn State University)


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MUSIC 004 MUSIC004 Lesson 2 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

  1. A diatonic scale that progresses in whole (W) and half (H) steps according to the following pattern: 
  2. What is the musical term that describes the speed of the beat? 
  3. What fundamental element of music can be defined as the sounding of two or more pitches together? 
  4. The "span of eight letter-name notes" is called: 
  5. Three or more notes sounding together. 
  6. A repetition of a motive or passage at a higher or lower pitch level than the initial statement is called: 
  7. The point of repose at the end of a phrase is called: 
  8. The distance between any two adjacent keys on the piano is: 
  9. The scale that contains 12 pitches within the span of an octave is referred to as: 
  10. True or False: The sharp (#) alters the letter-name pitch by raising it one-half step. 
  11. There are two principal scales we use. One is the major scale; the other is: 
  12. A repeated or sustained note, usually in the bass, over which the melody and harmonies move. 
  13. The musical language of ________ is characterized by the fundamental harmonic relationship between tonic and dominant. 
  14. True or False: A chromatic descent moves down by successive whole tones. 
  15. Your lesson compared the structure of musical "speech" to that of spoken and written language in some respects. What is the musical equivalent to a period? 
  16. Two or more lines combined create a musical texture known as: 
  17. Diatonic melodies that are neither major nor minor in a tonal sense are referred to as: 
  18. The texture of a single melodic line is known as: 
  19. A relatively stable, pleasing combination of notes: 
  20. A relatively unstable, harsh combination of notes: 

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