MUSIC 004 Lesson 5&6 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

MUSIC 004 Lesson 5&6 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)


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MUSIC 004 Lesson 5&6 Quiz (Penn State University)

1. In the “Battle of the Bands” scene in Casablanca, what does Victor demand that the band play? 

The compositional style of this composer leads the viewer engagingly through the narrative by closely "following" the action, while at the same time subtly reflecting the psychological and emotional states of the two principal characters: Joe Gillis, a down-on-his-luck, B-movie script writer; and Norma Desmond, a wealthy and formerly famous star of silent film. 

In the beginning of King's Row, which character's theme is prominently featured in the title music? 

An early shot in Sunset Blvd. is innovative and startling. What makes this shot unusual? 

In this genre of film, the narrative is a crime drama that plays up elements of suspense, violence, and sexuality: 

In Casablanca, which of the following is NOT an instance of “As Time Goes By” heard as nondiegetic music? 

In the climactic scene at the airport following Major Strasser's shooting, we hear "As Time Goes By" enter as counterpoint against "Deutschland Uber Alles" while we wait, in great suspense, to hear what Renault will say. What meaning does the music suggest at that moment? 

8. Which friendship theme is best-remembered from King’s Row? 

Which of the following is NOT accomplished by the title music and prologue in Casablanca? 

Who composed the film score for Casablanca? 

This composer can well be regarded as the master of the leitmotif for his attention to detail and the way in which he creates a marvelously nuanced, psychological rendering of the narrative. We observe these qualities notably in his score for King's Row: 

Casablanca's composer was a master at writing music that would "fit the picture like a glove." What does this mean? 

Who composed the Academy Award winning film score for The Adventures of Robin Hood? 

Who composed the film score for Gone with the Wind? 

Who composed the film score for Bride of Frankenstein, as well as Sunset Blvd., for which he won an Oscar? 

During the opening of the film Casablanca, we hear an airplane approaching and see people looking up at the sky; in the next shot, we see the airplane flying overhead. What continuity editing technique is primarily at work here? 

17. Which of the following is NOT a compositional highlight of nondiegetic music in Casablanca? 

In which film do we hear the diegetic wheezing of organ pipes, which is occasionally combined with nondiegetic music? 

19. The first time we hear "As Time Goes By" in Casablanca, how do we hear it? 

In Sunset Blvd., once Joe stashes his car in the garage and walks up to the house, we hear a new musical sound with a trill in the strings. What does this trill come to represent? 

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