MUSIC 004 Lesson 13 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

MUSIC 004 Lesson 13 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)


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MUSIC 004 Lesson 13 Quiz (Penn State University)

  1. By the end of the film Atonement, we come to recognize that jealousy and envy were motivations lurking within Briony when she was a child. What aspect of the mise-en-scene at the Tallis manor suggests a psychological resonance with these motivations?
  2. In the opening three minutes of Atonement, which of the following is NOT a way in which we hear the typewriter?
  3. In the film Atonement, on several occasions when we hear the Briony theme in the underscore, the overall sound alludes to the music of which great composer?
  4. Which of the following terms best describes the narrative film technique of depicting the same scene from two different perspectives at two different times within a film's narrative, without preparing the viewer for a "flashback"?
  5. In the "replay" of the fountain scene in Atonement, there are a number of differences, as compared with the scene as first presented. Which of the following does NOT correctly state a difference with the original presentation of the scene?
  6. In the film Atonement, in the scene where Robbie is at the typewriter, he sets the phonograph needle down on a Puccini aria from La Boheme. The aria begins as diegetic music, but it soon functions, in many respects, as nondiegetic music. Which of the following is NOT a way in which the aria functions as nondiegetic music?
  7. In her play The Trials of Arabella, Briony wrote several lines that are quite ironic in view of the real-life events that later transpire in the film Atonement. Which statement does NOT accurately convey one of these ironies?
  8. In the film Atonement, when we first see Robbie returning to the house with the twins, what theme do we hear?
  9. In the film Atonement, which of the following does NOT accurately represent a comparison of the Elegy theme and the War theme?
  10. In the classic Greek view, who is the principal tragic figure in Atonement?

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