MUSIC 004 Lesson 12 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)

MUSIC 004 Lesson 12 Quiz Answers (Penn State University)


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MUSIC 004 Lesson 12 Quiz (Penn State University)

True or false? In the television studio/living room scene, Edward's gaze is so penetrating that Kim realizes he can see her, and she has to look down for a moment. 

In the opening scene of Edward Scissorhands, as the grandmother begins to relate Edward's story to

her granddaughter, she states "His name was Edward" and the shot dissolves to a new perspective. What theme do we hear? 

In Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton reinforces the fairy tale nature of his story through his treatment of cinematography. Which of the following is NOT a technique he employs? 

Throughout the opening title music of Edward Scissorhands, this theme sounds like an eerie waltz, suggesting darkness and mystery: 

In the scene in Peg's living room, when she first brings Edward home with her, we hear both the

Wonderment theme and the Heart theme. The emotional power of this music derives principally from which musical element? 

6. Which one of the following is NOT mentioned as an influence on Edward Scissorhands ? 

The term autuer was coined by French critics in the 1950s. What does autuer mean? 

Film scholar Roger Hickman has identified three principles of “postmodernism” in the arts that have relevance for the term’s application to film art. Which principle is NOT one of them? 

The opening music from the film The Polar Express sounds much like which theme from Edward Scissorhands ? 

Which description accurately characterizes the filmmakers' view of an essential meaning of Edward Scissorhands ? 

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