MT 140 MT140 Unit 4 DQ - Kaplan

MT 140 MT140 Unit 4 DQ - Kaplan


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Kaplan MT140 Unit 4 Discussion

Delegation is the assignment of new or additional responsibilities to a subordinate. When done correctly, the individuals involved know exactly what they are to do, and the chances for success are maximized. For this Discussion, refer to the unit readings in the textbook section on delegation.

Pick a paid or unpaid job that you have held where you delegated responsibility to others or had responsibilities delegated to you. If you have not had a paid or unpaid job previously, use your experience in this course, where your instructor has delegated assignments to you, as your reference for this Discussion.

• Describe your experience with delegation in terms of what went well and why, or what did not go as expected.
• What could have improved the chances of a successful outcome in that particular situation?

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