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  1. The Palace, an upscale hotel in Montreal, synchronizes demand and hotel capacity by offering an attractively priced weekend package during the fall when demand for its rooms slows down. In addition to having a luxury-filled weekend at the Palace for $199 per night, guests enjoy very select privileges from a local high end retailer. Its weekend package provides a personal shopping coordinator, complimentary gift wrap and package delivery to the hotel, individual beauty consultation, and a 10 percent discount from the retailer. The Palace's weekend package closes provider ____ of the gaps model of service quality.
  2. The pilots and crew of FlyAway Airlines are trained to inform customers immediately when flight delays occur and to keep customers advised at regular intervals about the changes in a flight's schedule. By keeping customers informed during a flight, FlyAway Airlines is closing provider _____ of the gaps model of service quality.
  3. The marketing that goes on between an insurance agent and a current customer that is buying car insurance for a new teenage driver is an example of _____ marketing.
  4. Frequent travelers on airlines know one of the costs of traveling is damaged baggage, but they also know that each airline will either repair or replace any luggage damaged by its baggage handlers. The ability to count on this service in the event a handle is torn off or the side of a bag is gashed helps the airlines narrow provider _____ of the gaps model of service quality.
  5. In India weddings are timed to occur when Venus is in the ascendant and Jupiter is strong. This day is deemed lucky. In 2005, almost 15, 000 couples in New Delhi had their wedding on December 25, the day astrologers announced would be the best day for a wedding. It is very likely that wedding planners in New Delhi have difficulty narrowing provider ______ of the gaps model of service quality due to their inability to match supply and demand.
  6. Which of the following describes provider gap 1?
  7. Extron Electronics sells coaxial cables for connecting computers to all types of peripheral devices like printers, modems, and fax machines. For the benefit of its customers, Extron provides a laminated card with pictures of all the possible cable connections that a customer could need. With this card, a customer can order from one to any number of connectors with as many feet of cable as is needed. Orders can be placed using a toll-free number, a fax number, or an e-mail address. Company reps are also available 24-hours a day in case the customer is not sure which drawing on the card matches his or her needs. By integrating its services marketing communications, Extron is closing provider _____ of the gaps model of service quality.
  8. Service companies can close provider gap 4 by doing all of the following EXCEPT:
  9. Companies that emphasize acquiring new customers rather than retaining current customers are using _____ marketing.
  10. The salesperson had been traveling for two weeks and was in a hurry to get home where she could relax. She had waited at the airport for almost three hours. Then she learned that her flight would be delayed for another two hours due to mechanical trouble. To compensate her for her time, the airlines gave her a $5 coupon to provide her with a meal at one of the airport's restaurants. Since the cheapest meal the salesperson found was $7.50, the airline was more than likely experiencing problems with provider _____ of the gaps model of service quality.
  11. The _____ of a customer is the increased value or profit that accrues for each additional customer who remains loyal to a company rather than defecting to the competition.
  12. Which of the following is NOT a reason why a service firm may avoid a customer relationship with a particular customer?
  13. According to the _____, while advertising, sales, and promotions pour profits into your company, there will always be some customer defection, which has the potential to grow larger.
  14. At the partnership stage of the customer relationship, the firm is most concerned with:


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