MKT 625 MKT625 Week 2 Assignment Motivation

MKT 625 MKT625 Week 2 Assignment Motivation


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MKT 625 Week 2 Assignment Motivation

Motivation, personality, and perception are all tied to consumer behavior in various ways, such as brand personality, emotional motives, and perceptual mapping. For this assignment, choose two of the three topics listed below, and find a scholarly journal article (peer reviewed) from the Ashford Library for each.

  1. Motivation and Consumer BehaviorĀ 
  2. Personality and Consumer BehaviorĀ 
  3. Perception and Consumer BehaviorĀ 

Write a minimum two-page summary for each article (four pages combined for the assignment), and show how it applies to the learning from the chapter(s), integrating and applying the concepts as they relate to consumer behavior and marketing. Identify the article used in the introduction in each summary. Both summaries must be submitted as one paper.

Be sure to include a properly formatted Reference, using APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Two pages is the minimum for each summary and it is perfectly acceptable to have more. Databases such as EBSCOhost, Academic Search Premier, Business Source Elite, ProQuest, and even psychology databases such as PsycArticles and others are good starting points.Ā 

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