MKT 310 MKT310 FINAL PART 1 Answers (Strayer)

MKT 310 MKT310 FINAL PART 1 Answers (Strayer)


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MKT 310 MKT/310 MKT310 FINAL PART 1 (Strayer)

  1. The traditional means of trading-area delineation for a new store is _____
  2. Which of the following retailers is most likely to be a parasite in a shopping center?
  3. The primary trading area generally encompasses what percent of a store’s customers?
  4. Which system combines digitized mapping with key locational data?
  5. Which retailer grouping has a high level of affinity?
  6. A retailer opening in a shopping center six months before all tenants will be ready to move in is concerned about early pedestrian traffic. This potential problem can be partially resolved through a _____.
  7. Which location type is generally characterized by no competition, good road visibility, and easy parking?
  8. The most common form of planned shopping center is the _____
  9. A job description contains an outline of _____
  10. The hierarchy of authority within a firm is described in _____.
  11. Which type of retailer generally has the most complex organizational structure?
  12. The human resource environment facing retailers is characterized by _____
  13. The return on net worth ratio is based on a retailer’s _____
  14. A retailer can most easily improve its collection period by a significant degree by ___
  15. The forgoing of possible benefits is measured through ___
  16. A retailer’s assets, liabilities, and net worth are portrayed on its ___
  17. A retailer can reduce its bad debt on credit sales to zero through ____
  18. Computerized checkouts are generally used in conjunction with ___
  19. Rationalized retailing is often used in conjunction with ___
  20. The tasks of personnel with similar positions in different departments are kept rather uniform with ____
  21. Generally, most products are in which traditional product life-cycle stage?
  22. Which buying organization often operates in important merchandise centers?
  23. Which type of buying organization generally serves noncompeting retailers, offers marketing research expertise, and sometimes sponsors private-label goods?
  24. What type of products generate high sales levels for a short time period?
  25. Unbranded, no-frills goods are classified as ____

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