MKT 305 MKT305 Quiz 8 Answers 2019 - Strayer

MKT 305 MKT305 Quiz 8 Answers 2019 - Strayer


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Strayer MKT 305 Quiz 8 Answers 2019

  1. When John bought himself a phone with a camera, he chose the one that could take 12-megapixel pictures over the one that could take 8-megapixel pictures. According to John, the picture resolution of the one he bought was much better than the alternative choice. In buying the camera phone with a better picture resolution, John's judgment is most likely affected by _____.
  2. When a consumer selects a product that he or she believes performs best on the most important feature, the consumer is employing the _____.
  3. When James and his wife were looking for a new house, they acknowledged the fact that they would each consult their parents and friends and then decide which house to buy. Which of the following factors primarily contributed to their evaluation of alternatives?
  4. Mental representations of stored knowledge about groups of products are known as _____.
  5. John is evaluating four brands of 3D televisions and decides that picture quality is the most important attribute. As all of the alternatives exceeded his minimum cutoff for picture quality, he then compared them on price. An option which John perceived as too expensive was disregarded from further consideration as it exceeded the price cutoff he had set. He further compared the remaining three alternatives in terms of the number of HDMI inputs and excluded the one which did not possess the minimum number of inputs. He continued in this manner until he was left with only one of the alternatives, which he finally decided to purchase. Which of the following rules did John employ to decide on his purchase?
  6. When consumers need to purchase a refrigerator, they usually evaluate different models across a set of features or characteristics, such as storage capacity, freezer shelving, and energy cost efficiency. Such an evaluation is an example of a(n) _____.
  7. Henry considered two criteria when he selected his laptop: efficiency of the CPU and the capacity of the hard disk drive. These features represent the _____.
  8. Joseph's Attire, a men's clothing store, has recently started advertising weekly sales such as "three suits for the price of one," or "get 30 percent off on your first item and get 50 percent off on the second." This might result in consumers perceiving that the quality at Joseph's Attire is poor as they offer such huge discounts. This kind of promotional advertising serves as a _____ to consumers regarding the quality of the products sold in the store.
  9. The actual quality of a product that can be assessed through industry specification or expert rating is known as _____.
  10. Sam always makes it a point to have his coffee at Tans, a coffee shop that claims to use "authentic Tanzanian peaberry coffee." This is an example of product choice influenced by _____.
  11. A _____ is a characteristic that allows a consumer to diagnose something distinctive about an alternative.
  12. A perceived favorable result that is derived from the presence of a particular feature is known as a(n) _____.
  13. A consumer who uses strict guidelines set prior to selection and disregards any option that fails to meet the specifications is employing _____.
  14. _____ allow consumers to select products that balance product attributes of poor and good performance.
  15. In the context of product categorization, Diet Coke, a brand of soda pop, is an example of a _____.

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