MKT 305 MKT305 Quiz 7 Answers 2019 - Strayer

MKT 305 MKT305 Quiz 7 Answers 2019 - Strayer


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Strayer MKT 305 Quiz 7 Answers 2019

  1. Janice spends her weekends with her friends at shopping malls. She acknowledges that her weekend shopping outing is driven by boredom rather than any intention of making a purchase. She finds these outings interesting and relaxing. This is an example of _____.
  2. Situational characteristics related to time are known as _____.
  3. The overall subjective worth of a shopping activity considering all associated costs and benefits is known as _____.
  4. _____ uses systems communicating with specific devices within a defined space like inside or around the perimeter of a retail unit or signage.
  5. The practice of running advertisements primarily at times when customers will be most receptive to the messages is known as _____.
  6. Marian is a working mother with two sons. On weekdays, Marian is hard pressed for time and squeezes just enough time to grab some groceries on her way back from work. This is an example of _____.
  7. _____ refers to how appropriate the elements of an environment are for a given environment.
  8. Which of the following types of shopping is most likely to provide the greatest utilitarian shopping value?
  9. _____ is a shopping activity that shares some, but not all, characteristics of truly impulsive consumer behavior; being characterized by situational memory, a utilitarian orientation, and feelings of spontaneity.
  10. Human bodies have a rhythm that varies with the time of day. This is referred to as a _____.
  11. Which of the following refers to regularly occurring conditions that vary with the time of year?
  12. Which type of shopping is characterized by activities oriented toward a specific, intended purchase or purchases?
  13. _____ is a personality trait that represents how sensitive a consumer is to immediate rewards.
  14. Which of the following types of shopping is characterized by recreationally oriented activities designed to provide interest, excitement, relaxation, fun, social interaction, or some other desired feeling?
  15. Consumers with a low capacity to self-regulate their behavior are referred to as _____ consumers.
  16. Salvatore, in his quest for a new car, has narrowed down his options to four possibilities. He considers each car against his own criteria. In which of the following decision-making process activities is Salvatore engaging?
  17. _____ often results from feelings of boredom or a perceived need for change.
  18. Viman is from Goa in India. His company has transferred him to London. Viman realizes that he has no suitable clothes for the harsh winter in London. Which of the following activities in the decision-making process represents this perceived requirement?
  19. Don is visiting digital stores and searching the internet to learn about high-definition DVD players before he buys one. This is an example of a(n) _____.
  20. Which of the following includes alternatives in the awareness set to which consumers are indifferent?
  21. The rate at which a promotion is transitioned into a sale is known as _____.
  22. Risk associated with the safety of a product as well as the harm from its consumption is referred to as _____.
  23. Which of the following statements is true about habitual decision making?
  24. Risk associated with the likelihood of a product functioning as expected is referred to as _____.
  25. Information that signals the amount of potential value contained in a product is known as _____.
  26. Brett goes to the Gardening Store and decides to buy the Master-Mower instead of the Mower-Sleigh. In which of the following decision-making process activities is Brett currently engaging?
  27. Tamara has decided to buy a new pair of formal shoes. She consults her friends and looks online for good offers and sales. In which of the following activities of the decision-making process is Tamara currently engaged?
  28. Dean goes to the supermarket every week to buy his quota of bread. He buys whatever brand is available without giving the purchase a second thought. This is an example of _____.
  29. The perception of the negative consequences that are likely to result from a course of action and the uncertainty of which course of action is best to take is referred to as _____.
  30. Bill is a member of the Conway City Council. He wants to run for the post of Mayor of Conway in the upcoming elections. This perceived state for which he aspires is called his _____.

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