MKT 305 MKT305 Quiz 3 Answers 2019 - Strayer

MKT 305 MKT305 Quiz 3 Answers 2019 - Strayer


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Strayer MKT 305 Quiz 3 Answers 2019

  1. Sara is waiting for the result of the blood sugar test she took at a doctor's clinic. She is anxious to know about the outcome and hopes that the result would be favorable. This is an example of _____ appraisal.
  2. Some consumers get very upset when they are served "bad food" at a restaurant. They lose their tempers and start yelling at the person serving them. Sometimes, they even demand to see the manager. This lack of emotional control on the part of consumers suggests that these consumers have low _____.
  3. Since _____ helps a consumer maintain his or her state, it works much like homeostasis.
  4. According to Maslow's hierarchy of needs, which of the following represents the need to be recognized as a person of worth?
  5. Consumers with very high involvement in some product category are referred to as _____.
  6. According to which of the following can specific types of thoughts serve as a basis for specific emotions?
  7. Which of the following aims at changing one's current state to a level that is more ideal—not simply maintaining the current state of existence?
  8. _____ is the state of equilibrium wherein the body naturally reacts in a way so as to maintain a constant, normal bloodstream.
  9. Deep personal interest that evokes strongly felt feelings associated with some object or activity is known as _____ involvement.
  10. Emotions that result from some evaluation or reflection of one's own behavior—which can include both actions and failures to act—are known as _____ .
  11. Jennifer wants to buy crockery for her house from Crystals, a brand that positions itself as "the ultimate choice in dining." Which of the following is most likely to be the factor that is motivating Jennifer to buy crockery from Crystals?
  12. When Joanna finally got the dress that she had been waiting for, she was ecstatic as it turned out to be a perfect fit. This is an example of _____ appraisal.
  13. Robert has been closely associated with an organization that works for the protection of street dogs. When the organization signs up a celebrity with a history of animal cruelty as its brand ambassador, Robert feels frustrated. This is an example of _____ appraisal.
  14. Henry considers himself a cheese connoisseur and subscribes to the Cheese Connoisseur magazine. He spends his weekends buying and trying out different kinds of cheese. Henry would be best described as a(n) _____.
  15. _____ considers how fair some event is and can evoke emotions like warmth or anger.
  16. Sam recently bought a new cologne just because his favorite football star had endorsed it. In doing so, which of the following traits did Sam display?
  17. Richard is a very social person. He enjoys talking to people and makes friends effortlessly. Which of the following personality traits does he display?
  18. The _____ focuses on the total person and the uniqueness of his or her psychological makeup.
  19. The id primarily operates on a _____.
  20. The degree to which a consumer is open to new ideas and quick to buy new products, services, or experiences early in their introduction is referred to as consumer _____.
  21. With the _____, the focus of a researcher is on one particular trait.
  22. _____ are observable, statistical aspects of populations including such factors as age, gender, or income.
  23. Which of the following traits can be defined as an enduring tendency to strive to be better than others?
  24. According to the _____, consumers agree on the shared meaning of products and symbols.
  25. PRIZM is based on the premise that people with similar backgrounds and means tend to live close to one another and emulate each other's behaviors and lifestyles. This is an example of the _____.
  26. According to the psychoanalytic approach to personality, which of the following principles implies that the ego seeks to satisfy the id within the constraints of society?
  27. _____ refers to the tendency of consumers to take excessive pride in themselves, including their appearance and accomplishments.
  28. Which of the following is a dimension of materialism?
  29. Jenny is shy and afraid to speak to other people. She avoids going out with her friends and colleagues and prefers to read a book on her own rather than interacting with others. These emotions and behaviors that Jenny exhibits comprise her _____.
  30. Carol Bates, a young, dynamic, and affluent banker, likes to shop online and try out new products. She likes to keep herself updated on the latest products introduced in the market. She is usually the first among her friends to buy the latest gadgets. Which of the following traits best describes Carol?

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