MGT 460 MGT460 Week 2 Quiz Answers

MGT 460 MGT460 Week 2 Quiz Answers


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MGT 460 Week 2 Quiz

Question 1. Question : What is likely to increase a leader’s career resilience? 

Question 2. Question : When a seasoned employee shares his or her knowledge with another employee, we are typically talking about: 

Question 3. Question : What leadership trait is consistently related to a leader’s performance? 

Question 4. Question : 

What element of career motivation is the spark that ignites striving for a career goal? 

Question 5. Question : What are the three elements of career motivation? 

Question6. Question : Which development process will most likely incorporate an “in-basket” exercise: 

Question7. Question : 

What are key personality elements that make a leader resilient? 

Question8. Question : What type of learning style describes leaders who explore alternatives, experiment, and then apply what works best? 

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