MGT 460 MGT460 Week 1 Quiz Answers

MGT 460 MGT460 Week 1 Quiz Answers


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MGT460 Week 1 Quiz

Question 1. Question : What is not a key element of ethical leadership? 

Question 2. Question : What technology allows employees and group members to take action on their own without waiting for leadership direction? 

Question 3. Question : Leaders are people who... 

Question4. Question : What style of leadership is grounded in the exchange relationship between the leader and the follower? 

Question5. Question : 

What is defined as the perceived or psychological distance that comes from operating and communicating through technology and across cultures and different perspectives? 

Question 6. Question : A specific set of behaviors and actions that develop from the requirements of the task is called a _____. 

Question 7. Question : A strategic plan spells out... 

Question 8. Question : Principled leadership is also known as what type of leadership?. 

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