MGT 410 MGT410 Homework Set 4 Solution (ST. LEO)

MGT 410 MGT410 Homework Set 4 Solution (ST. LEO)


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MGT 410 Homework Set 4 (ST. LEO)

1. Discuss the integration of acceptance sampling with statistical process control in a quality system.

2. Why is it important that a sample taken from a lot be random?

3. What is meant by the term “statistically valid?”

4. Discuss the information to be obtained from the OC curve for a particular sampling plan.

5. How can a quality engineer make the OC curve closer to the ideal shape?

6. Of what value is a cost of quality system to an organization?

7. Why might there be some initial conflict between an organization’s cost accounting and quality engineering departments in starting a cost of quality program?

8. Why might prevention costs be referred to as an investment while failure costs might be referred to as true costs?

9. Why does Deming refer to external failure costs as “unknown and unknowable?”

10. Contrast Deming’s and Crosby’s views about the ability to quantify external failure costs.

11. How do Taguchi’s ideas about quality costs differ from the traditional view?

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