MGT 320 MGT320 Module 7 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

MGT 320 MGT320 Module 7 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.Define strategic leadership and describe in detail how each level of the domain of strategic leadership support the overall concept.  Give an example of strategic leadership you have seen yourself.  Explain the circumstances and why you consider it strategic leadership.

2.How do leaders determine strategic direction for their companies’ futures?  Explain your answer and give at least two examples from your reading or your own experience.

3.Define culture and explain why it is important.  Using Exhibit 14.1 in the textbook as your guide, describe the three levels of Disney’s corporate culture (or another organization you are familiar with).

4.What are the characteristics of an adaptive culture verses an unadaptive culture?  Compare and contrast the two.

5.Case Study.  Synopsis: 5 Star and Amtech: 5-Star and Amtech Electronics both manufacture integrated circuits and other electronic parts as subcontractors for large manufacturers.  Both 5 Star and Amtech are located in Ohio and often bid on contracts as competitors.  5 Star has sale of $100 million and employs 950 people.  Amtech has annual sale of $80 million and employs 800 people.  The president of 5 Star believes that 5 Star is a far superior company, attributing its effectiveness to management’s ability to run a tight ship.  5 Star had detailed charts and job descriptions.  Tyler believed that everyone should have clear responsibilities and narrowly defined jobs.  Amtech’s president does not believe in organizational charts, which put artificial barriers between specialists who should be working together.  Employees rotate among departments to be familiar with activities throughout the organization.  5 Star announced the acquisition of Amtech.  The Amtech managers resisted the merger, but 5 Star president is determined to unify the companies quickly.  Question: Using the competing values model in Exhibit 14.3, what type of culture (adaptability, achievement, clan, bureaucratic) would you say is dominant at 5Star?  At Amtech?  Support your answer.

6.Why do managers who incorporate spiritual values into their leadership style tend to be more successful?


1. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving:

2. Collaboration and Leading with influence:

3. Agility and Adaptability:

4. Initiative and Entrepreneurialism:

5. Effective Oral and Written Communication:

6. Accessing and Analyzing Information:

7. Curiosity and Imagination:

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