MGT 320 MGT320 Module 6 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

MGT 320 MGT320 Module 6 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.How has the definition of and attitudes toward diversity changed?  Why?  Why is diversity thought to be important for today’s organization?  Explain how the concept of diversity has changed over time and what it means today compared with 30 years ago. Be sure you explain your position.

2.Describe the challenges minorities face in the workplace.  As a leader, how do you appreciate the differences among people but shed stereotypes and prejudicial attitudes in a way that closes the opportunity gap and fosters an environment where people value diversity?

3.Personal Diversity: Each of us feels different in many ways from the average behavior or expectations that other people seem to value.  This reflects our own feelings of diversity.  The differences you feel compared to others could be about your physical characteristics (height, age, skin color), but also could reflect a difference in your thinking style, feelings, personality, or behavior, especially when you feel different from what other people expect or what you perceive are the social norms.  Write three ways you feel different from others.  Answer the following questions with respect to your perceived diversity: What are your feelings about being different in these areas?  How do your differences contribute to a student team or work organization? 

4.Describe in depth the three kinds of influential leadership.  In what significant way does transformational leadership differ from transactional leadership?  Compare and contrast the three.  Give an example of each one either from your experience, or from a cited case.



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