MGT 320 MGT320 Module 4 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

MGT 320 MGT320 Module 4 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.Define and describe followership. Why is followership important in the discussion of leadership? Can we force followership? Explain your answer and cite your work.

2.Take the Leadership Self-Insight 7.1 “The Power of Followership” Test on page 199 of the textbook.  What type of followership style do you have?  How do you feel about your followership style?  Use the concepts in the Development of Personal Potential section of the chapter to describe what you might do to be more effective as a follower.

3.Describe the different strategies for managing up.  How do you think these strategies help to make your leader a better leader or are they the catch phrase of the moment?  How do the strategies help you to develop your own leadership skills?  Which strategy do you most prefer?  Explain and cite at least one source.

4.Describe the Hierarchy of Needs Theory, the Two-Factor Theory and the Acquired Needs Theory.  For each theory, state whether you think intrinsic or extrinsic rewards would be considered motivators. You can give examples from your own experiences. Then, explain how the followers personality may impact reward systems.

5.Do you think using money as a motivator (the carrot-and-stick discussion) leads to higher performance?  Support your answer.


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