MGT 320 MGT320 Module 3 Homework Solution (AAU Online)

MGT 320 MGT320 Module 3 Homework Solution (AAU Online)


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1.Describe in detail both the contingency approach and situational theory.  Compare and contrast the two and cite your work.

2.Compare Fiedler's contingency model with the path-goal theory.  What are the similarities and differences?  Explain which you prefer and why.  Which is most often used?  Cite your work.

3.Describe in detail the concepts of the Vroom-Jago Contingency Model.  Assume you are a manager in an established software company.  One of your primary software products is sold to the banking industry.  You’ve just discovered that it has a glitch that may harm data integrity.  You don’t yet know the extent of the risk and neither do your customers.  Using the Vroom-Jago Model, which decision style do you use to solve the problem?  Provide brief answers to each of the seven diagnostic questions to support your answer

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