MGT 305 MGT305 Module 1 Check Your Understanding Answers (AAU Online)

MGT 305 MGT305 Module 1 Check Your Understanding Answers (AAU Online)


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1.What is your definition of quality?

2.In your own words, explain process improvement.

3.In your own words, explain variation.

4.What is your definition of productivity?

5.In your own words, describe the differences between productivity and quality.

6.How does your definition of quality compare with Feigenbaum’s?

7.Using Feigenbaum’s definition, focus on the key aspects and discuss how a customer may define quality for having a muffler put on his or her car.  Be sure to discuss the key terms identified in the definition of quality.

8.Describe the evolution of total quality management.

9.Describe the difference between the actions necessary in inspection, quality control, statistical quality control, statistical process control, and total quality management.

10.Describe the three purposes of Dr. Shewhart’s control charts.

11.What did Crosby mean when he discussed the difference between satisfied customers and successful customers?

12.Describe Dr. Taguchi’s loss function versus the traditional approach to quality.

13.Research Dr. Deming’s “red bead” experiment.  What does it show people?

14.Which of Dr. Deming’s 14 points did you find to be hardest to understand?  Why do you think that is?  Describe a situation you have experienced where one of Dr. Deming’s 14 points applies.  Clearly state the point to which you are referring.  Clearly show how the point relates to your own experience.

15.Explain the process of continuous improvement.

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