MGMT 320 MGMT320 Assignment 9.3 (ERAU)

MGMT 320 MGMT320 Assignment 9.3 (ERAU)

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MGMT 320 MGMT320 Assignment 9.3 (ERAU)

Module Review Questions and Exercise

1. What are the motivations for an organization to have a good supply chain management (SCM) system?

2. Define SCM in your own words, and list the major types of SCM software.

3. List the four drivers of SCM and how they impact the system’s responsiveness.

4. What are the major components of e-SCM? And what is e-procurement?

5. What are the elements and benefits of SCM integration?

6. Define the role of CRM in your own words. What are the key differences between today’s CRM and the early generation of CRMs?

7. What are the major types AND major components of CRM?

8. Briefly describe the customer relationship processes, and explain what is meant by a “hosted CRM.”

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