MAT 230 MAT230 Module 2 Homework (SNHU)

MAT 230 MAT230 Module 2 Homework (SNHU)

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MAT 230 MAT230 Module 2 Homework (SNHU)

1) Label each of the following as a statement or as “not a statement.” If you find a statement, give its truth value. 

2) Consider the following two propositions: 

p: We can go to Cancun.

q: We can go to Iceland 

3) Consider the following statement: Every number is less than its square. For example, 5 < 25 and 7 < 49. Write the statement “Every number is less that its square” symbolically by defining a predicate and using a quantifier.  

4) Let P(n): 2n = n2 

5) Complete the following two truth tables. 

Section 2.2 Homework 

1) Use the following:

p: It is raining.
q: I stay home today. 

2) Write the contrapositive and the converse of the following statement: 

3) Complete the truth table for

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