JADM 200 JADM200 Midterm Answers (Devry)

JADM 200 JADM200 Midterm Answers (Devry)


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JADM 200 Midterm

1. An unfinished crime that generally leads to another crime is a(n) ________ crime.

2. Knowing behavior is action undertaken with

3. ________ or the voluntary and complete abandonment of the intent and purpose to commit a criminal offense is a defense to the charge of an attempted crime.

4. The least serious crime is a(n)

5. ________ is the legal principal that requires that courts be bound by their own earlier decisions and by those of higher courts having jurisdiction over them regarding subsequent cases on similar issues and fact.

6. That part of the law that defines crimes and specifies punishments is

7. Those procedures that effectively guarantee individual rights in the face of criminal prosecution are known as

8. One problem with syndrome-based defense enhancements is that most people suffering from syndromes

9. Syndrome-enhanced defenses

10. Ray insults Bob and Bob beats Ray up to get revenge. Bob's action is

11. Bob commits a burglary to get money to buy drugs. Getting money to buy drugs is Bob’s

12. Under the last act test, Bob is not guilty of attempting to murder Ray with a shotgun until

13. Bob decides to rob a bank. He makes careful plans, buys a gun, and walks into the bank with the gun loaded. Bob is not guilty of conspiring to rob a bank due to

14. Illinois makes it a crime to "loiter in a public park." Bob spends the afternoon sitting on a public park bench trying to decide whether to go back to college and is arrested for loitering. The law he is accused of breaking violates the ________ principle.

15. Bob is charged with a crime and defends himself by arguing that he only committed the crime to avoid some greater evil. Bob is defending himself with a(n)

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