ITMG 371 ITMG371 Forum 3 Answer (APUS)

ITMG 371 ITMG371 Forum 3 Answer (APUS)


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ITMG 371 Forum 3 (APUS)

1. How has the Internet and use of communication impacted the outcome of war(s)?

2. In what ways can a personal homepage help people to construct and present a positive identity for themselves? What kinds of problems could result from people presenting false or misleading identities on their homepages? What can be done to encourage more people to build personal homepages, and to provide the necessary access to more people? (Optional) Provide a link to your personal homepage, if you have one and you wish to share it with the class. You may also wish to tell us a little bit about your homepage and what purpose it serves for you.

3. Provide the URL and a brief review of at least one site that discusses the development of a personal web site OR methods of communicating on the Internet. Did you learn anything new? Were you surprised by any of the information presented on the site? How do sites like these impact Internet use? Be sure to respond to the posts of at least two peers and utilize APA citations to support your arguments.

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