IT 190 IT190 Unit 9 Assignment (Kaplan)

IT 190 IT190 Unit 9 Assignment (Kaplan)


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IT 190 Unit 9 Assignment (Kaplan)

 Risks to the network

  1. When you buy a new program or piece of firmware, what is something you should always change?  
  2. You should always have this on your computer to protect from viruses?  
  3. What is the best encryption you should be using on your wireless network?    
    Risks to computers connected to a network
  4. What is Firesheep?  
  5. What is a sslstrip?   
  6. What is accidental association?   Ways to protect the network
  7.  How do you minimize risks to your network?   
  8. How can you make your network safer, faster, and reliable?  
  9. What should every business have written out to go over regularly?   Ways to protect individual computers
  10. What should you do regularly to your operating system
  11. Why do you need a software firewall?  
  12. When using emails, what are the most common threats you may see?    Software Programs used for Safety
  13. Avast Free Antivirus- 
  14. Comodo Firewall- 
  15. Cyber Ghost VPN- 

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