INF 410 INF410 Week 4 Quiz Answers (Ashford)

INF 410 INF410 Week 4 Quiz Answers (Ashford)


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INF 410 Week 4 Quiz Answers

  1. The storming stage of team development is completed once members begin to think of themselves as part of a group.
  2. The first step to building a social network is identifying those on whom the project depends for success.
  3. In which of the following theories does the project group transition from a lower level to a higher level of performance about halfway through the project?
  4. Which of the following requires more management rather than leadership?
  5. During which stage of team development is high performance not a top priority and team member emotions run from upbeat to depressed?
  6. A project vision is an image a project team holds in common about how the project will look upon completion, how they will work together, and how customers will accept the project.
  7. In mapping dependencies for a project, the project manager should:
  8. In a survey of project managers, approximately what percentage reported that they encountered ethical issues in their work?
  9. One problem new project managers experience is that it takes time to establish a sense of character and competency.
  10. Networks are mutually beneficial alliances that are generally governed by the law of:

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