INF 410 INF410 Week 2 Quiz Answers (Ashford)

INF 410 INF410 Week 2 Quiz Answers (Ashford)


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INF 410 Week 2 Quiz Answers

  1. Scott has just been given a project that has a specific target date. After discussion with top management he finds that while the date is important the cost is more important and a slip in delivery would be acceptable if required to meet the cost targets. The target date is best classified as
  2. In a work breakdown structure deliverables are ignored and replaced with activities or tasks that have been grouped in phases.
  3. Only activities that occur at the end of a chain of activities can have free slack.
  4. People working on prototype development needing time to interact with the design engineers after the design is completed is an example of:
  5. Project costs are typically viewed from all of the following except:
  6. The project structure chosen to manage the project will have little impact on the actual project work to be accomplished.
  7. A/an _________ activity has more than one dependency arrow flowing from it.
  8. The first step of project scope definition is to
  9. Scope definitions are usually brief with only one or two pages being typical for small projects.
  10. By definition, the critical path always has zero slack.

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