INF 340 INF340 Week 1 Assignment Hoosier Burger Case: Part 1

INF 340 INF340 Week 1 Assignment Hoosier Burger Case: Part 1


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INF 340 Week 1 Assignment Hoosier Burger Case: Part 1

Read the Hoosier Burger scenario on page 28 in Chapter 1 of the text and address the following in a two-to-four page paper, not including the title page and references page. In addition to the text, cite at least two additional scholarly references from the Ashford library to support your discussion. To ensure you understand scholarly resources, watch Ashford Library’s tutorial called “Library Research Tips for Business Students” to make sure you understand what a scholarly resource is.

Do not simply quote or summarize content from the textbook; instead, make sure that your answers apply to the case study.

Label each section of your paper by starting each answer with the corresponding letter (a, b, c, or d) so that your response to each item can be easily found.

a. Apply all four parts of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) approach to Hoosier Burger: planning and selection, analysis, design, and implementation/operation. Include details on how the case study applies to each of these four parts.

b. Using the Hoosier Burger scenario, discuss at least one example for each of the nine system characteristics listed on pages 6-7.

c. Provide an explanation of all Hoosier Burger’s major subsystems.
d. Explain which of the four approaches to system development found on pages 20-24 you believe should be used by Hoosier Burger. Support your explanation with examples from your own experiences and/or scholarly sources.

Be sure your paper is formatted according to APA style guidelines. 

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