INF 325 INF325 Week 3 Assignment WLANs

INF 325 INF325 Week 3 Assignment WLANs


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INF 325 Week 3 Assignment WLANs

WLANs. Assume you are the IT manager for an organization tasked with evaluating whether or not to deploy internal wireless access for employees. Write a three to five page paper (excluding the title and reference pages), discussing the advantages and disadvantages of deploying a WLAN in an organization. Compare the benefits and risks of three security methods, then identify and justify the best approach for securing a WLAN. 

You must include a minimum of two scholarly sources, in addition to the text book, with a minimum of one source from peer-reviewed sources from the Ashford University Library. Your paper must be formatted according to APA style guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. 

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