INART 125 INART125 Quiz 1 with Answers (Penn State University)

INART 125 INART125 Quiz 1 with Answers (Penn State University)


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INART 125 INART125 Quiz 1 Answers (Penn State University)

  1. Woody Guthrie wrote “This Land Is Your Land” in response to
  2. In post-WWII America, mainstream popular music took note of the publishing industry’s success with teen-centric magazines like Seventeen and Hollywood’s appeal to teenagers with movies like Rebel Without A Cause and shifted its attention to songs and artists that appealed to teenagers.
  3. “We Shall Overcome” was adapted by folk singer Woodie Guthrie from a protest song that originated as an African American hymn.
  4. What Ledbelly song became a Top Ten hit for the Weavers?
  5. The Fugs, despite their influence on the New York underground, were essentially a folk band whose sound relied on “front porch” instruments like the banjo, guitar, and harmonica and simple melodies that grew into sing-along choruses.
  6. What Velvet Underground song did Lou Reed say was inspired by Nico?
  7. Unlike most of the proto-punk and punk bands that followed, The Fugs were competent musicians with background and experience in the New York avant-garde music scene.
  8. The Velvet Underground took their name from
  9. What 1975 publication established a direct connection between the word “punk” and the underground music scene in New York City?
  10. The Jades
  11. Although The Velvet Underground and Nico and White Light/White Heat were commercial failures, the more conventional rock and roll albums, The Velvet Underground and Loaded, finally brought The Velvet Underground a measure of commercial success and critical recognition.
  12. The Fugs had a fleeting appearance in the Top 100 in 1966, but they never were able to sign to a major label.
  13. Which of the following Velvet Underground recordings featured Nico as the lead singer?
  14. After the Kennedy assassination
  15. “We Can Be Together”
  16. During John F. Kennedy’s presidency,
  17. The “baby boomers”
  18. The Kingston Trio
  19. Which of the following songs were written by Woody Guthrie?
  20. The term “punk”
  21. What is the title of this song?
  22. What is the title of this song?
  23. What musical group is performing this song?
  24. What musical group is performing this song?
  25. What is the title of this song?

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