IFSM 301 IFSM301 Quiz 5 Answers (Umuc)

IFSM 301 IFSM301 Quiz 5 Answers (Umuc)


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IFSM 301 Quiz 5 (UMUC)

  1. Service Management information can be found in (select all that apply):
  2. Feedback on performance management include:
  3. Good service management is effective when finding a happy medium between customer
    experience and service-desk measurement parameters is reached.
  4. When a knowledge management database is used in an organization, updating it as new
    issues arise is not critical in the database’s effectiveness since there are resolutions for issues that have occurred in the past already built in for users.
  5. An organization’s asset inventory will consist of:
  6. Understanding cultural differences does not impact the relationship that the outsourcing third party company has with the company’s customers.
  7. In medium-sized IT departments, a single employee may perform several different jobs/functions.
  8. Implementing a large-scale project (such as an ERP system) will employ various pools of resources/personnel.
  9. Balancing IT’s workload includes these keys:
  10. An efficiently-operated IT department can result in a competitive advantage for an organization.

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