IFSM 301 IFSM301 Quiz 4 Answers (Umuc)

IFSM 301 IFSM301 Quiz 4 Answers (Umuc)


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IFSM 301 Quiz 4

  1. The order of the five (5) stages of the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) presented in the textbook include:
  2. If requirements exceed the scope of a project, the budget is usually not impacted.
  3. It is advisable to introduce new methodologies in the middle of a project’s timeline since the organization is already undergoing changes (it is best to make these changes all at one time).
  4. The goals of requirements management systems include:
  5. To compensate for executive’s poor scheduling decisions, overspending and poor quality, the use of a governance framework should be considered for project planning.
  6. Best practices exist and are practiced on a frequent basis in the majority of organizations today.
  7. A system requirement describes what a user needs to perform his or her job.
  8. The logical steps in the SCRUM process are:
  9. In the sample proposed project work flow in the reading, compliance is dependent on (select all that apply): 
  10. Per the textbook reading, CIO's must always manage (select all that apply):

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