IFSM 301 IFSM301 Quiz 3 Answers (Umuc)

IFSM 301 IFSM301 Quiz 3 Answers (Umuc)


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IFSM 301 Quiz 3

  1. BCP adds tangible business value to an organization by: 
  2. Referring to the Gartner Group study, projects fail for various reasons.  One reason not noted includes:
  3. One of the technologies noted in the reading which can modify BCP for IT is cloud computing. 
  4. Risks cost evaluation is noted as one of the four stages of risk management planning. 
  5. Four risk mitigation options and strategies are noted.  They include:
  6. The final steps in the creation of a Business Continuity strategy are to define which systems are selected for operational and technology changes. 
  7. In a compliance audit of a website audit, confidentiality of data, using a tool such as SSL (encrypted Secure Socket Layer) should be considered.
  8. Major areas that should be considered in a compliance audit of a website audit include: 
  9. The final step in the BCP process is maintenance, which means that once the process is complete, no follow-up is required after execution.
  10. The order of the steps of the Business Continuity Planning process are:

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