IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 8 (NCU)

IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 8 (NCU)


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IB7016-8 Assignment 8 (NCU)


This week’s final assignment will incorporate selecting a multinational corporation (MNC) to evaluate and to discuss a real world application of international strategic management.  The company selected for this study is Boeing.  The reason it was chosen is because Boeing is not only a global powerhouse in the aerospace community, but a company that I’ve directly worked with in the past.  Understanding how this company moves into various environments, various cultures, and how it’s managers strategize to move into additional locations is and interesting study.  This company will be evaluated in a number of areas under the overall topic of international strategic management.  One of the primary questions that is asked in the business world in regards to strategic management is: how and why do some companies become more successful than others?  Managers must take a look at a variety of strategies and ask the hard questions about which strategies develop a successful company and which ones do not.  The challenge for managers is to develop and implement strategies that provide a sustainable competitive advantage for the company  To further understand international strategic management concept, each of the following areas will be covered within this week’s assignment: (a) strategizing around the globe, (b) global institutions, (c) culture in global business, (d) foreign market entry strategies, (e) managing global competitive dynamics, (f) strategizing, structuring, and global learning, and (g) strategizing with global corporate social responsibilities.

International Strategic Management

Strategizing Around the Globe

Global Institutions

Culture in Global Business

Foreign Market Entry Strategies

Managing Global Competitive Dynamics

Strategizing, Structuring, and Global Learning

Strategizing with Global Corporate Social Responsibilities


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