IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 7 (NCU)

IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 7 (NCU)


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IB7016-8 Assignment 7 (NCU)


Global corporate social responsibility is a concept that not only incorporates the economic, technical, and legal requirements of a firm, but also the social benefits, and economical gains as well.  While previously this is not a concept that was overly important to owners and stakeholders; it is now becoming apparent just how important each of these areas are to a business.  The time when global corporate responsibility becomes realized is when a scandal or a pertinent issue arises.  There is an ongoing debate between financial responsibility and sustainable needs of future generations.  Each of these may conflict and when they do, they may cause significant issues for the other (Peng, 2014).  The goal of this week’s assignment is to analyze the global responsibility model and prepare a discussion in regards to the social responsibilities of a selected organization.  The selected organization for this assignment is Apple, Inc. The discussion will entail its profound ability to place barriers to entry on its affiliated market. The following items will be specifically discussed: (a) firm location, (b) the debate, and (c) the model of corporate responsibility.

Firm Location

The Debate

Model of Corporate Social Responsibility

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