IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 6 (NCU)

IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 6 (NCU)


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IB7016-8 Assignment 6 (NCU)



Entering into a new environment requires business-level strategy.  A concept otherwise known as the, how to compete in that industry.  Each strategy incorporates different ways to know which areas compete in as well how to create synergy in a particular area.  This week’s assignment is to review and analyze a case study of our choice. In addition, various companies such as Honda, Samsung, and LG will be reviewed for areas such as: diversification, acquisitions, restructuring, multinational strategies and structures, global learning, innovation, and global corporate responsibility. HondaJet, in particular, will also be reviewed as a company that has strategically utilized the concept of internal combustion engines across a broad category of products.  This week’s assignment will also specifically address each of the following areas: (a) unrelated product diversification or conglomeration, (b) globalization, (c) skills and capabilities, and (d) interrogation responsive framework.  

Unrelated Product Diversification


Skills and Capabilities

Interrogation Responsive Framework

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