IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 4 (NCU)

IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 4 (NCU)


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IB7016-8 Assignment 4 (NCU)



To expand a corporation into an international and foreign market, extensive research must first be conducted.  The desired market must be analyzed, evaluated, and studied to determine the best possible entry method. Corporation owners must understand the following prior to moving into a new market: (a) when to enter a new market, (b) where to enter the market, and (c) how to enter the new market.  Entering a foreign market overseas is a complex endeavor.  Businesses that are small that attempt to move into a foreign market must realize just how small the margin of error truly is, and prepare to the fullest prior to moving forward.  While both small and large businesses may find extensive benefits to moving into an overseas location, the challenge will be to find the right place and enter at the right time. Discrimination against foreign companies is still a concept that works against a business entering into a foreign market.  This discrimination is called the liability of foreignness and needs to be addressed prior to moving into a new market.  The level of foreignness describes the level of disadvantages a new business faces.  Within this week’s assignment the industry chosen in the logistical wartime supply and services industry with companies that have a formed in the U.S. The following items will be discussed further: (a) industry, (b) liability of foreignness, and (c) foreign market entry strategy.  


Liability of Foreignness

Foreign Market Entry Strategy  

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