IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 3 (NCU)

IB 7016-8 IB7016-8 Assignment 3 (NCU)


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IB7016-8 Assignment 3 (NCU)


Ethics must be considered by any individual looking to conduct business.  Ethics is defined as norms, principles, and standards of conduct which govern behavior.  An ethical standard will generally direct behavior and on many occasions coincide with laws and regulations (Peng, 2014). Ethical issues will be apparent in any business setting.  The issues may stem from a variety of sources and for a variety of reasons which will be discussed in this analysis.  The reasons can come from the difference between belief systems and the core between the differing cultures as well as the environment within an international setting.  Understanding the motivations that will make a company more or less ethical is also important for a multinational business owner (MNE) or marketer to analyze to ensure success.  The following areas will be discussed herein: (a) ethical dilemmas, (b) triple bottom line, and (c) middle of the road approach.

Ethical Dilemma

Triple Bottom Line

Middle of the Road Approach

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