HUM 112 HUM112 Week 3 Quiz 2 Answers (Strayer)

HUM 112 HUM112 Week 3 Quiz 2 Answers (Strayer)


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HUM 112 Week 3 Quiz 2 (STRAYER)

  1. Why was Louis XIV so fond of Peter Paul Rubens's paintings?
  2. Why does Louis XIV wear red high-heeled shoes in Hyacinthe Rigaud's portrait?
  3. What new dance form emerged from Louis's court?
  4. On whose work did Nicholas Poussin model his classical approach to painting?
  5. Why did the English people find Oliver Cromwell difficult to tolerate as their leader?
  6. Why was the Great Fire advantageous to London?
  7. Why did the Hawaiians kill Captain Cook in 1779?
  8. Why did Samuel Johnson undertake his monumental Dictionary of the English Language?
  9. Why did Hobbes believe that most people willingly accepted a social contract?
  10. What did William Hogarth aim to show with his caricatures of English society?

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