HUM 112 HUM112 Week 2 Quiz 1 Answers (Strayer)

HUM 112 HUM112 Week 2 Quiz 1 Answers (Strayer)


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HUM 112 Week 2 Quiz 1 (STRAYER)

  1. What inspired the first operas?
  2. Why did Bernini decorate the baldachino's grooved columns with bronze vines?
  3. What did Bernini intend his Four Rivers Fountain to represent?
  4. Why did Pope Urban VIII commission a baldachino (canopy) for Saint Peter's interior?
  5. What technique that contrasts large areas of dark with smaller illuminated areas did Caravaggio master?
  6. From where did Europe receive the first load of tulip bulbs?
  7. In The Little Street why does Vermeer include a half-whitewashed wall and a mortar-filled cracked façade?
  8. What branch of mathematics did Descartes found?
  9. Why in 1618 were some members expelled from the Dutch Reformed Church and even imprisoned?
  10. What manner of inquiry did Francis Bacon advocate

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