HUM 112 HUM112 Week 11 Quiz 10 Answers (Strayer)

HUM 112 HUM112 Week 11 Quiz 10 Answers (Strayer)


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HUM 112 Week 11 Quiz 10 (STRAYER)

  1. Why beginning in the late 1960s did many U. S. artists begin protesting against museums?
  2. May 4, 1970, why did the National Guard open fire on and kill four Kent State students?
  3. What did the college students involved in the 1960s antiwar movement want school administrations to do?
  4. In The Feminist Mystique, why does Betty Friedan reject Freud's idea that women envy men?
  5. Why did the government continue to fund building the F-111 fighter bomber even though it was declared obsolete?
  6. In Eleanor Antin's video art Minetta Lane-A Ghost Story, what does the ghost represent?
  7. In literature, how does the postmodern hero differ from his or her predecessors?
  8. Why did Benoit Mandelbrot reject traditional Euclid geometry for his work with fractals?
  9. Why did Zhang Huan invite 40 Chinese peasants to be photographed standing in a pond to raise the water level?
  10. What has Santiago Calatrava designed the Port Authority Trans Hudson station at the World Trade Center site to resemble?

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