HSA 520 HSA520 Midterm part 1 with Answers (Strayer University)

HSA 520 HSA520 Midterm part 1 with Answers (Strayer University)


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  1. Emerging trends that are encouraging heathcare executives to become interested in developing innovative, integrative, and cost-beneficial HMIS solutions include:
  2. The data input phase includes:
  3. The genesis of Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) goes back to the roots of numerous areas, including:
  4. An information-discovery culture ensures:
  5. A healthcare services organization may develop or adopt various types of cultures, including:
  6. The main means of amassing data include:
  7. Computational functions support:
  8. An information-inquiring culture has transparent:
  9. Marketing strategy has to do with:
  10. Effective communication is essential for forming all kinds of work relationships, especially for:
  11. Effective listening requires:
  12. In a healthcare services organizational context, the mission, goals, and objectives of the health organization determine how:
  13. As a trustworthy leader, the senior executive must have the ability to:
  14. Growth strategies, in the form of product and market development, mergers, acquisitions, and/or internal ventures,  are aggressively followed when:
  15. The executive who oversees the financing function, budgeting, and funding of the health services organization’s operating programs is the
  16. One of the most important steps that an effective CEO/CIO should take is:
  17. Determinants of site success such as Trusera (invitation only), DailyStrength, PatientsLikeMe, and Caring.com rest with a triad of:
  18. The application of powerful Web-mining strategies, based on previous patterns of Web usage, provides for:
  19. Online health information seeking should be of concern for health administrators for myriad reasons, including that it:
  20. The 2006 Pew Internet and American Life Project survey found that the following users seek health information online in the United States:
  21. The primary purposes of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), Internet Architecture Board (IAB), and Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG) are to:
  22. The digital divide stands to affect:
  23. Online extraction of relevant health information by both experts and laypersons have proliferated due to:
  24. What nationality receives more than one-third of their health and medical care information via television?
  25. URL stands for:

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