HSA 320 HSA320 Midterm Exam 2 Answers

HSA 320 HSA320 Midterm Exam 2 Answers


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HSA 320 Midterm Exam 2 Answers

  1. According to the generic competency model which provides information on the building blocks of an organization, which competency appears at the top of the pyramid?
  2. Which statement BEST reflects the concept of job rotation?
  3. A job description contains the following information:
  4. ___________________ is the mathematical and natural science application to maximize labor efficiency utilizing appropriate equipment and task structure using time and motion studies.
  5. The first step of workflow analysis is to:
  6. Equipment, employees, and information are examples of which component of the workflow process in an organization?
  7. _______________ allows employees to start and end their workdays at alternative times within specified guidelines.
  8. Job specifications identify all of the following except:
  9. According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Building Blocks Model, which competencies are located at the base of the model and influence the other competencies?
  10. The simplest unit of work is called a:
  11. What type of selection test measures memory, critical thinking, and verbal and math comprehension?
  12. Applicants who score high on this Big Five Personality Trait will perform well in a stress work environment such as the health care industry.
  13. The selection process must be ________________ which means it is objective and fair to all applicants.
  14. When a selection process is objective and fair to all job applicants, it is considered ________________.
  15. _____________________ is developed when a selection tool evaluates skills or knowledge that is used in a job application.
  16. _________________ occurs when protected classes such as race, color, religion, sex or national origin are treated differently from non-protected classes.
  17. Applicants who score high on this Big Five Personality Trait will perform well in a job redesign.
  18. ____________________ is a statistical term that refers to the extent that the same measurement such as a test repeatedly measures the same characteristic.
  19. ________________ focuses on how a candidate handled a past situation.
  20. _________________ are interview questions that all interviewees must answer.

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