HOSP 585 HOSP585 Week 1 Assignment Chapters 3 and 4 Solution

HOSP 585 HOSP585 Week 1 Assignment Chapters 3 and 4 Solution


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HOSP 585 Week 2 Assignment (DEVRY)

Chapter 3

1. In the last two hours, I’ve delivered the baggage of six incoming guests, routed messages to guests on three different floors, and helped four other guests check out. Who am I?

2. A guest arrives without a reservation. Explain the check-in procedure.

3. Name the functions of the front office.

4. Why does the front desk clerk depend on the housekeeper?

Chapter 4


1. If a housekeeping department with 25 employees added two new housekeepers in one month, what would the turnover percent- age be for that month? If this rate continued similarly for the remainder of the year, what would the annual turnover percent- age be?

2. I give the guest rooms a general cleaning every three weeks, including high wall dusting, cleaning the bathroom tile, and vacuuming the drapes, blinds, and sofas. Who am I?

3. Outline the tasks that a guest room attendant must perform in order to properly clean a guest room.

4. Describe the type of person that should be recruited for the position of housekeeper.

5. Describe a plan that might minimize loss of linens due to actions of employees and guests.

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