HOSP 100 HOSP100 Week 6 Quiz with Answers (American Military University)

HOSP 100 HOSP100 Week 6 Quiz with Answers (American Military University)


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  1. Securitization refers to increased use of
  2. A major change in hotel financing has been
  3. “Encroachment” refers to
  4. The lifetime of a new hotel and the cycle of hotel building
  5. The reason the hotel business is cyclical in nature is:
  6. Which of the following is not a factor of competition for the hotel industry
  7. Strategies and tactics in the lodging market today focus mostly on
  8. In addition to the guest room, the “downstairs” guest is interested in
  9. The framework for the analysis of competition in the lodging industry is the “marketing mix.”
  10. The four “Ps” of marketing are:
  11. The statement about tourism that is not correct is:
  12. The following has not contributed to the growth of tourism:
  13. The following statement about the economic significance of tourism is correct:
  14. The world’s largest industry is tourism, accounting for about 10.3% of the world’s overall economic activity.
  15. Tourism is defined as:
  16. Planned play environments
  17. One of the causes of Las Vegas’ continued success is
  18. Fairs and festivals are examples of
  19. Primary destinations have a wide market and draw people from great distances.
  20. What do you think are some of the reasons that people visit national parks?
  21. Choose the answer that best completes this sentence prompt: 
  22. The pioneer in hospitality franchising was
  23. The following statement is an important advantage of franchising:
  24. Drucker suggests that, ultimately, what the business is, is determined by
  25. The three original concepts developed by Taylor, Fayol, and Mayo, that remain at the heart of hospitality management, are:

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