HOSP 100 HOSP100 Week 5 Quiz with Answers (American Military University)

HOSP 100 HOSP100 Week 5 Quiz with Answers (American Military University)


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  1. ARAMARK, and other companies, often provide other services in addition to food service.
  2. The statement which best describes the difference between a guest and a client is:
  3. In college and university food service
  4. Retirement housing communities
  5. The method of delivering food service that makes food available where full food service operators are not economically feasible is called:
  6. Define on-site food service.
  7. While consumerists have a say in health and nutrition, the bottom line is the consumer, and what the consumer wants is what the restaurant will serve.
  8. In general, the food service industry has responded to key consumer problems
  9. The best way to think of consumerism is as
  10. Solid waste has gained attention from restaurant operators principally because of
  11. Computerization in food service operations in the near future will
  12. The real issue in the future of restaurant equipment and automation is
  13. The three ideal solutions to deal with the waste stream are
  14. A limited service hotel
  15. The highest percentage (57%) of travelers are
  16. Hotel segmenting means that
  17. Which of the following best describes the impact of technology on lodging?
  18. What are the two kinds of business travelers?
  19. The major source of profit in hotels is, in most cases, from
  20. Yield management as used by hotels
  21. The occupancy rate is:
  22. The food and beverage area contributes more to the profitability of a hotel than any other department.
  23. The size and type of hotel determines, to a great extent, its organization. The following statement related to the size of hotel organizations is generally correct:

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