HOSP 100 HOSP100 Week 3 Quiz with Answers (American Military University)

HOSP 100 HOSP100 Week 3 Quiz with Answers (American Military University)


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  1. Define the term food miles. Why is it important that we reduce food miles?
  2. Define the dining market and the eating market:
  3. Total food service sales (in dollars) are highest in the following segment/s:
  4. The largest growth segment (as a percentage increase) in food service has been
  5. One reason of fine dining restaurants’ sales decline is
  6. Quick service restaurants are dominated by chains because of
  7. “Eatertainment” restaurants
  8. The back of the house is the part of the operation where employee-guest interaction is at a minimum.
  9. Typically, the three defined areas of the restaurant are:
  10. If you wish to be promoted rapidly in the restaurant business, usually your best avenue is through
  11. A role not that of the front of the house is
  12. The major functions of the restaurant “office” are
  13. The basic approaches to increasing profits are to
  14. Name 3 of the 7 areas of strength for a chain restaurant.
  15. Economy of scale means
  16. The following characteristic is a unique strength of independent operators:
  17. The statement below which best summarizes a franchise agreement is:
  18. Business format franchising gives the franchisee the right to use the
  19. A disadvantage of being a franchisee is
  20. The statement that best describes competition in the restaurant business is
  21. The term “product” in the restaurant setting includes
  22. The four elements of the marketing mix are:
  23. Customers, it is true, like price reductions,
  24. The development of PODs by food service chains
  25. The newest medium used to advertise restaurants is

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