HIUS 380 HIUS380 Quiz 7 Answers (Liberty)

HIUS 380 HIUS380 Quiz 7 Answers (Liberty)


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HIUS 380 Quiz 7 (Liberty)

The ultimate effect of Operation Restore Hope was

Generally speaking, the Army throughout the decade of the 1970s remained focused on a ________ war in Europe.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the governments of the United States and its allies enthusiastically pursued a(n) “________________.”

At the same time the strategic setting for America occurred at the end of the cold war when:

Despite the Army’s numerous accomplishments in the years following the Cold War, the American people for the most part remained safely unmolested until 2000.

Weapons systems developed in the 1970s for eventual use in the 1980s in fulfillment of prescribed doctrine included:

A major change associated with the all-volunteer force included:

The former Yugoslavia saw ethnic rivalries surface during the early 1990s between _________ and ___________.

The Dayton Peace Accores resulted in a Bosnian Peace Agreement that envisioned a UN sanctioned NATO-led force responsible for separating various groups in Yugoslavia. This force was called:

An unprecedented air/missile campaign ensued against Iraq but most important was the _________________.

Another humanitarian crisis occurring after the Gulf War was in _____________.

The initial rules of engagement in Haiti in 1994 quickly became replaced by more aggressive tatics as occurred at Cap Haitian.

Within the existing doctrine of the 1970s, General Starry ordered planners to work on the idea of a proposal called ___________ that would exploit modern firepower and foster the introduction of some of the newer forms of weapons and equipment called.

After 78 days of bombardment the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic capitulated to NATO forces and agreed to evacuate loyal forces from ____________.

An unintended aspect of the Gulf War resulted in Operation Provise Comfort for the purpose of _______________.

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